Content Usage Policy

Any of my work available for free can be used without consent from myself. However, you must not claim the work to be your own – credit must be given to Nik Sudan. A link to my website is always nice.


Don’t steal my work, ask if you want to feature it, be sure to credit me.


  • You may make videos of my games
  • You may show adverts on your video featuring my games
  • You may feature images and videos from my games without my consent
  • Please include a link to where you found the game if you decide to create something about it
  • Don’t sell any of my free games
  • Don’t sell any of my paid games without consent
  • Don’t steal any of my games or assets


  • Any use of my music requires consent from myself
  • You may use music available on Newgrounds freely
  • Any music that is available to purchase shouldn’t be used in your own projects
  • Please do not upload my songs to SoundCloud, YouTube, or any other streaming website without my consent and credit
  • Don’t steal my music


  • Give credit before using any of my art
  • Don’t steal my art

Open Source Projects

  • Give credit when using any of my projects
  • Don’t claim any projects as your own


  • When quoting my work please cite correctly
  • Don’t claim my writing as your own


  • Don’t re-upload my videos elsewhere without my consent